23 Jan

It all started very nicely with a mini bus trip from Khao Sok to Krabi where we had a change over. ¬†However, after hours of waiting we ended up getting transported to another minibus from the back of a pick up van (an open back), was pretty hilarious as 5 of us squeezed on, holding on to our bags and dear life. The next minibus was extremely hot. This should really be the end of our transport adventure. However, there were no taxis or even ‘tuk tuks’ around the bus stations, and we were told they only do transported by scooters. So after waiting around for a while hoping to spot a taxi we decided we just had to go on the back of the scooters with all our bags! It was very entertaining indeed. When we finally managed to get to our hostel in Trang it was evening. But we were very positively surprised by Trang. I thought it was really nice.

We went to a night market, which turned out to be great!

It is Chinese New Year at the moment (if you did not know), so there are decorations everywhere, they just love fairy lights over here.

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