Townsville and Magnetic Island

3 Jan

We went on a little day trip to Magnetic Island from Townsville. Magnetic Island hosts a lot of beautiful beaches, including Alma Bay (picture above) and Horseshoe Bay where we spent most of our time.

Townsville had a stunning waterfront esplanade. The Strand is also situated by the waterfront; stretching 2,2 km long and has parks, pools and cafes by it. We walked all the way up The Strand to the Rock Pool (an artificial swimming pool surrounded by sandy beach). We got told to look out to the ocean just by the Rock Pool to see some turtles, and we were lucky enough to see some, coming up to catch a breather.

We also went up to Castle Hill, which is an 286 meter high red hill, which gives a great view of Townsville. We walked up via the ‘goat track’ 2 km uphill. It was a pretty demanding track as it is very hot in Townsville, however, it was worth it when we got up and enjoyed the views.

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