The BA Experience

1 May

Buenos Aires had a lot to offer. We went to a market which was 1 mile long! Shopping, shopping, shopping…

On the more tourist agenda, we visited an old cemetery which is in the middle of the city called La Recoleta Cemetery, which contains the graves of some of the most important Argentines. I have never seen graves as these, they are all build on top of the ground. It also seemed like some kind of competition of who could have the biggest and most beautiful ones. I would not have liked to be here at night, that is for sure.  

We also went to a football game ( Football is really big in Argentina). We saw Racing Santa vs. River Plate. It was an amazing game. The River fans (away fans) made a lot of noise throughout the whole game, and went crazy when they scored!  

An Englishmen, Australian and a American walked into a bar…

…to celebrate Tim’s birthday, also with an Norwegian, New Zealander and Belgian ( we like to keep it international). This was a great night!

Finally, we also had the best steak ever, at La Cabrera (one of BA’s most famous restaurant).

2 Responses to “The BA Experience”

  1. jon olav vik (kommende svigerfar til margareth) :-) May 19, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    forsiktig med kjøttet….ligge mange dager i tarmen…

  2. Tim June 5, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    I’ve been saying bad things about BA and now seeing this I realized I really did have a great time there! But after you all left it wasn’t the same so I had to leave too! That football game was mental and damn that steak! Thanks for the awesome birthday celebration too! (Haaron loves beer!)

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