Tapotupotu Bay and Waipoua Forest

14 May

Woke up and had breakfast on Tapotupotu Bay…there is no better way to wake up and have breakfast…

We then went to some hot springs, which had lots of different pools, with different temperatures. Some were oily and warm, other pools were boiling hot, so hot we could not go into them (we would literally cook), and some that were nice temperatures. It makes you body relax, but it smells a lot!

We stopped for lunch at Opononi by the coast.

Then we had a stroll on the beach…

Our last stop was at the Waipoua Kauri Forest, where there are some huge trees. There we saw Tane Mahuta, which is the largest kauri tree alive, and is known as the farther of the trees. I have never seen such a large trunk! It was wow!

We camped in the forest at night, falling asleep to the sounds of the wildlife.

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