Sydney and Manly Beach

10 Dec

After nearly 24 hours of travelling we arrived at Sydney. When we arrived at the hostel we met up with our lovely friend Blaine. We walked around Sydney all day, looking at the famous Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The walk to our hostel in Kings Cross was not too bad as we walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens. After a lovely lunch at the harbour we went shopping in the city centre, where we met up with Ellie and Ashleigh (two of my close friends from Derby). Can not tell you how nice it is to see them again.  

The next day we jumped on a ferry to Manly Beach, which is just 30 minutes away from Sydney.

It is a really nice place, very ‘surfy’ looking. Sadly we did not have the best weather so we could not chill on the beach for too long. But, Manly was definitely worth a day trip.

Sadly this was all we had time to do in Sydney, however we are going back in a few weeks time so the rest will have to wait until next time.

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