24 Feb

Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya!!! Pattaya is a place where you can see anything and everything! You can have the best time or the worst time, I experienced the first. I have laughed so much throughout the 3 weeks we have been here on a great holiday with my brother, and had an amazing time. Pattaya is a real heaven for people who like to socialise and party, but it also offers something for everyone. You just have to be prepared to see some things that you most probably have not seen before and maybe never see again. I found most of it greatly entertaining, such as Walking Street (picture below) with beer bars, shops, Go Go bars, clubs and much more.

Furthermore, throughout my time here I have had some of the best Thai food I have tasted at PIC Kitchen followed by a great evening at the Jazz Pit. We have also been to some great rooftop bars, serving lovely cocktails and food. We also went to the cinema, and it was a real eyeopener of how nice cinemas could be (serving free food, popcorn and drinks and getting huge chairs to sit in). I think other countries should take a note of how it should be done.

I have improved my pool skills! However, the girls behind the beer bars still beat me at Connect 4 every time.

We went to Tiffany’s show, can you guess what kind of show it is?

Tiffany’s was established in 1974 and is Pattaya’s leading transvestite show, yes you hear right. It was an fabulous show of more sequins and satin I have ever seen! The costumes they were wearing were so sparkling and beautiful. We spent the whole show trying to see who was a man and who was a woman, they all looked just amazing.

Sadly it was time to say bye to Jens Georg as he made his way home and we made our way to our next stop.

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