13 May

We then headed for the Far North, a more remote but beautiful area. Our first stop was at the Ninety Mile Beach (which actually is Ninety Kilometre Beach, but that does not sound as good ey?). The Ninety Mile beach lays on the top and west coast of New Zealand. We drove along the beach for a while, it was so beautiful.


Further up the strech of the beach, there were some gigantic sand dunes surrounded by the Aupouri Forest. The contrast of the pale sand and the sharp green next to each other was amazing. We also had to cross over a little stream to get to the sand dunes, it is undescribable.

The day ended at the very top of the North Island (I should note that there is actually a more northern point a walk away). However, the Cape Regeina lighthouse, gives a right feel to be at the very end of new Zealand, looking out on the ocean.

 It is actually where the waters of Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet. The ocean was incredible.

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  1. Jens georg May 28, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Hei, kjekt å sjå dokke kosa dokke:) sitte ombord å drømme meg vekk når eg lese.. Nesten så eg e dr me dokke 😉

    Ellers så har eg prøvd å ri ga dokke eit par gonger, men eg får berre an John på tlf svararen!!

    Kosa dokke viare!

    • Kat Breivik June 5, 2011 at 1:45 am #

      Hello! Naa kan du ringa naar som helst, er i Queenstown naa saa har signal:) Hadde vore kjekt om du hadde vore her!:)

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