17 Jan

We spent a whole day on Ko Phi Phi, which is only a 2 hour boat trip away from Phuket. Ko Phi Phi is surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs and fine white sand.

When we arrived we decided to rent our own long-tail boat for a few hours, where a local long-tail boat driver took us around a few places for some snorkeling, swimming and sightseeing.

We went by the Viking Cove and went for a swim nearby, the water was crystal clear and amazing to take a dip in. Then we headed for Loh Samah Bay where we did a little snorkeling. I saw lots of types of fish that I have never seen before.

We stopped briefly at Maya Bay (where the film The Beach was filmed), however, decided to move on shortly after as it was packed with tourists (being high season it was very busy).

Our last stop was at Monkey Bay, where we saw some monkeys. The Monkeys obviously knew that tourists came and fed them there as they just stood there waiting for us. We decided not to feed them, however other people did and I have to say that these monkeys were quite aggressive and would fight for the food and even chase people to get some. The funniest part was when the son of our long-tail boat driver who came with us annoyed the monkeys a little and they all chased him by the beach (he was laughing, I think he came on the trip just for this).

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