Khao Sok National Park

22 Jan

We have both been really excited about going to Khao Sok National Park as it is a large rainforest, even older and more diverse than the Amazon Rainforest. We stayed in a tree house just by the national park entrance, it was basic but still really nice. The couple who owned the tree huts were so nice and the wife cooked us all the meals making them extra spicy for us, she was a great cook. We also had our own guard dog ‘Mac’ (who lived there), he looked after us and ran after anything that made too much noise, I wanted to take him home with me.  The first evening it rained A LOT (apparently it rains a lot in rainforests, hehe) so we just relaxed and did some reading and more travel plans.

The next morning we went on a day trip to to the ‘lake’, which is the Rechabrapha dam. The lake was just incredible, as you see some 200 meter high limestone cliffs around it.

After 1 hour on a longtail boat we arrived at some floating bamboo raft houses.

The setting for the floating houses was amazing, and we went for a swim in the lake which was so relaxing and nice.

After lunch we went on a 1 hour walk to the Namtaloo Cave. We walked through the rainforest, climbed up waterfalls and crossed the river at least 10 times. We saw a poisonous snake in the river as we were walking by. I came to realise that this was obviously the same river that i walked into waist high, a little scary.

When we arrived at the cave we all got our torches out and got ready for some darkness. We spent about half an hour walking into the cave, but because it rained a lot the night before it was very deep at some places, even deeper than me and we had to swim. One again in the darkness and cold water this was a little scary but also very fun. And the walls inside the caves were just wonderful to look at.

Overall this was an amazing visit to another rainforest. We hoped to see the Bua Phut flower, which is the largest type of flower in the world, but sadly we missed the chance to see one as after only 1 week it dies and we were 2 days too late. Anyways, Rainforests have definitely won a big part of my heart, I just love being that close to nature.

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