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30 Jan

Singapore, must be the nicest city that I have been to in Southeast Asia, being the cleanest and most modern city. I definitely had a lot of ‘wow’ moments when I was here, the buildings are massive and modern and there was even a man made river inside one of the shopping centers, where you could take a gondola ride! John and I both agreed this was a city that we could  easily live in, it was just fantastic.

In the evening we went to The Singapore Flyer; which is the worlds largest giant observation wheel. It took us 165 meters above the city,and the views were just amazing, especially all the lights glowing on the sky scrapers.

In some ways it felt like Singapore has taken inspiration from a lot of other cities and capitals, and then just done it a little bit better.

Afterwards, we had some food at the Singapore Food Trial nearby. We tried some food from Singapore, called Fried Kway Teow, which was interesting. I really liked the spicy kick to it.

It is still Chinese New Year, so the decorations in Chinatown and elsewhere in Singapore was incredible. I also found out that it is the year of the dragon, which was also the year of 1988, my year, which was pretty cool.

To celebrate I got a dragon shaped lolly, made out of burned sugar. The man made it in front of me, he made it look very easy (in my experience hot melted sugar is not easy to work with).