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Lake Titicaca

15 Apr

Next stop was Lake Titicaca, which is considered to be the worlds largest high-altitude lake.  Sitting at 3808 meters above sea level. We got to see the Floating Islands of the Uros people. We found them very commercialised, however I have never seen anything like them before. The island are built using layers of reeds, which were made by the local people. The lake was beautiful as it was amongst the clouds and it was still crystal clear blue water.


15 Apr

I feel like Baloo singing “Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities, Forget about your worries and your strife,  I mean the bare necessities, Are Mother Nature’s recipies, That bring the bare necessities of life, Wherever I wander,  Wherever I roam, I couldn’t be fonder,  Of my big home, The bees are buzzin’ in the tree, To make some honey just for me, When you look under the rocks and plants, And take a glance at the fancy ants,  Then maybe try a few… do not worry I did not eat any ants!

For the last 4 days John and I have been hiding out in the JUNGLE. Ohh, what an amazing experience I shall never forget. We got a plane from Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado, a very short (35minutes) flight which lands in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. Then after a mini bus ride we arrived at the River Tambopata. We then took a boat ride for 3 whole hours. Never been on a boat like it so it was very exciting. Now then, the exciting part comes…as we are floating along the river we look at all the trees and wildlife around us; spotting birds, turtles, water pig, monkeys and…wait for it…. a JAGUAR!! The most beautiful animal I have ever seen in the wild. The locals who were on the boat with us was just as excited as we were. Our guide even told us that he had worked there for 3 years and only seen one once before, and not as close as we got to it, the beauty in front of us was indescribable!

When we arrived we had to walk up a muddy path to the lodge we were staying at, called Refugio Amazonas. All I can say is WOW! You felt like one with nature staying there. There was no electricity, but it still felt like a 5 star hotel. The rooms had only 3 walls, leaving the last wall to be the amazon jungle itself. So all you had covering you was a mosquito net (it was very warm there).


Throughout the 4 days we spent there we experienced so much, and I saw more animals and insects than ever before (at least in the wild). This included going cayman searching at night-time. We went up an canopy tower, where we saw lots of birds including Blue and Yellow Macaws, King Vulture, Bat Falcon, Woodpecker. Next trek was the to the Bird Clay lick where we saw Scarlet Macaws and lots of  Squirrel monkeys ( we have also seen other monkeys, such as the same as “Marcel from Friends”…amazing!). We also encountered  snakes, scorpions, spider scorpions, the wandering spider (which is 18 times more poisonous than the Black widower)..iiikk…lots of bats, bullet ants, frogs, lizards , pretty butterflies and many more! I am now not afraid of any bugs anymore…honestly…



13 Apr

On the 7th April we left Cusco ( once known as the Ica empire), making our way to Machu Picchu. The journey started by getting a taxi to Ollantaytambo, then got a small old fashioned train to Agua Callentes where we stayed the night. Next morning we got up at 4am to start the trek to Machu Picchu: a 20 minute walk downhill, crossing   the Rio Urubamba (the fastest and most powerful river I have ever seen). Then we climbed 2 km further uphill at high altitude which took us about 50 minutes. We actually managed to be in the first 100 people reaching the top, therefore we were in the 400 who were allowed to climb Wayna Picchu. It was very rainy so the the path we climbed up was very slippery, I found it quite scary as we climbed a further 2690 meters up Wayna Picchu taking another 40 minutes. . However, the views made it all worth it. It was like sitting on clouds looking down at the Icas masterpiece; the ruins of Machu Picchu.


After the hike down in pouring down rain we decided that the hot pools in Agua Callentes was our next destination. Sitting in hot pools (heated up by the volcanoes) is the best way to relax and stretch our muscles, I highly recommend it!


Oh, and before you all think that we are having too much fun to miss you, I would like to mention that we are. I mean we do miss you all! Sending lots of love.

Arequipa and Canon Del Colca

9 Apr

First of all I should really apologise for no posts recently. You see the next location for both me and John ended up being the hospital for a week. Believe me when I say food poisoning is nothing to joke about. Anyways, we are both now healthy and  strong and ready for more adventures. However, due to being ill for so long our next challenge was eating a full portion of spaghetti bolognese rather than the Inca Trail (gutted). So we stayed longer in Arequipa, which is such a beautiful city and such an contrast to Nasca.

After only 1 full day of recovering we were very eager to do something fun so we decided to trek the Colca Canyon, one of the worlds deepest at 3191m. It was one of the craziest and hardest thing I have ever done. Including 7 hours trekking on the first day uphill and downhill and did I mention it was very steep!

When we finally arrived at the “Oasis”, where we were staying, we all jumped in the pool to cool down. We then stayed here, sleeping in some small huts without electricity (made me realise how much we relay on electricity), but sleeping between all the mountains was pretty amazing. Next day brought new challenges as we had to trek for 3 hours constantly uphill (believe me when I say not for people who are scared of heights), but it was also so much fun. When you reach the top the sense of achievement feels amazing while looking over the most beautiful views… breath-taking. I should also mention the Condors are biggest birds I have ever seen and also very beautiful. A less fun experience was being a meter from a long scary snake, which was staring right at me! Luckily no-one was harmed (apparently they are not poisonous over here).

Nasca Lines

27 Mar

I’m now in Nasca, which was a “desert-scorched dead town” until the mysterious Nasca Lines were discovered in the desert floor.


Now your thinking what is she on about, well ill explain to you…the Nasca Lines are these lines which were made thousands of years ago in the desert, there is more than 800 lines including some 70 animal drawings across 500 sq km plain desert. And the best part is that nobody knows who constructed these lines and drawings or even why, people can only come up with different theories.  So, lucky as I am (and John of cause) we got a mini plane over these. I was excited enough only getting into this plane (and nervous) but then to see this amazing historical whatever it is, it just made my day. Sorry for being all “historian” on you.





25 Mar

Got the bus from Lima to Ica, which was an very interesting bus ride. Including a mistaken sound of gunshot (only a lorries popped tyre) and then a few minutes later a dog (there are sooo many dogs over here its unreal) walked straight into the road, and the bus driver could not stop…you know the rest!It was awful! We arrived in Ica 3 hours later unharmed, and decided to jump into a taxi and go to Huacachina, which is nearby. Arrived when it was dark so just went to the first hostel we could find, which turned out to be great. Its not the most luxurious place (have to share cold showers and very hot rooms) but the people and the atmosphere was great. The people who worked there became our friends, and John found his new “best friend”,haha. We went out for drinks with them and danced salsa, fun times.

Next morning (22nd March) we went on a Buggy ride and Sandboarding! It was so much fun and I definitely think Ive found my new hobby! I did think the Buggy ride was a little scary, as they drive at full speed up and down the sand dunes. Ohh yer did i mention that the village (only 50 people lived here) we stayed in was completely surrounded by sand dunes.

Next day we were rudely awaken by an earthquake, it was pretty scary since we were in the middle of the desert. However, it was only on the scale 4,7 and only lasted a few seconds. We had to get up early anyways as we were leaving for Paracas. We were supposed to visit the Islas Ballestas, but because of rough sea we ended up going to the National reserve in Paracas instead, it was beautiful!


22 Mar

Arriving in Lima not knowing what to expect. It is a very interesting and busy city, however just a few minutes from the central city is Miraflores, which is much quieter (where we stayed). The thing I found most interesting was the big contrast from inner city, the pyramids (Huaca Pucallana), and the ¨shanty¨towns just outside.  ???It really puts everything into perspective. I had a lovely fish for dinner in Lima, whereas John ate a cows heart, urgh!!