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Octopus Resort

6 Dec

Octopus, was the last resort that we went to. It had an gorgeous beach, amazing snorkeling (the best so far) and even a pool! We were upgraded to a luxuary suit when we got there. The room was amazing, and we had our own little area of the beach with our own sunbeds etc. We have been very lucky lately. I have also mastered the game of chess and managed to beat John!

The sunsets here are just wonderful to look at.

The resorts do a lot of activities in the evening, such as playing games to get everyone involved and the prizes are amazing. However, me and John only managed to win a cocktail, but that was great as we enjoyed it whilst sitting by the bonfire.

Vinaka Fiji, it has been amazing!


2 Dec

Next resort was Mantaray Resort, which is on an Island next to Barefoot. We stayed in a Tree House Bure which had wonderful views.

The beach was really nice, and had a brilliant volleyball net, where we had a game against the locals. I also learnt how to make my own bracelet from a coconut!

On one of the nights we got to see a Traditional Fijian performance, where they danced and sang, it was brilliant to watch, very entertaining.

The snorkeling was really good at Mantaray. On our last day we went for a guided snorkeling trip. On the guided snorkeling trip we went further out to deeper areas to see the drop down of corals. I was a little worried at first as this was the deepest I have ever snorkeled at, but it was just fantastic! I even saw a White-tip Reef Shark, which as nearly 2 meters long! I realised that the shark was more scared of me than I was of it, so I now feel a little more secure in deep water.


30 Nov

Barefoot Island! We arrived not knowing what to expect. We booked this accommodation through Captain Cook, who owns the island. However, instead booking it with the company, we booked directly with the Island. Therefore, when we arrived we found out that the last group of people who had been there with Captain Cook had left, which meant that we had the whole island to our selves! This meant 4 staff looking after us and 3 beaches that we had all to ourselves.

The facilities at the resort are really basic. You kind of feel like one with nature, which was really cool.

We used the kayak, snorkeled around the island and John tried fishing again with no luck.

We also tried coconut juice and took part in a cava ceremony (traditional Fiji drink) for the first time.


28 Nov

Our next stop was Nanuya Resort, which is one of the most luxurious of all the resorts that we are staying at. The room, restaurant and beach were all just amazing.

We spent our days just relaxing and snorkeling (I saw a ‘Nemo’ family). I also fed bread to the fish in the sea, they go crazy for bread.

We went hand-line fishing on our first day there, however we had no luck. John decided to go trolling the next day and caught two fish, a Spanish mackerel and a cod (with huge teeth). We had the mackerel for lunch, delicious.

The food was amazing, and I had lobster for the first time!

The Oarsmans resort

26 Nov

Firstly we arrived on mainland Fiji in Nadi. We arrived late so we just stayed the night and got up bright and early and caught the Yasawa Flyer (a big boat) to the Yasawa Islands for some island hopping. After 5 hours on the boat we arrived at the first Island that we  are staying at, which is one of the most northerly islands called Nacula. We stayed at the Oarsmans resort, in a small bure right on the beach.

Next day we went to a local church (being Sunday and all), and visited the local village.

Then we spent most of our time relaxing on the beach, eating great food, learning how to dance the BULA dance and snorkeling. I have never snorkeled before so this opened my eyes to a whole new world, just amazing.

It is rainy season over here so clouds come and go, but overall the weather is brilliant, sunny and hot most of the time.