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Geysers And Hot Springs

22 Apr


Our last day of the salar tour. We got up at 5am and headed for the geysers (hot air being sprayed up from the underground). It was extremely cold outside, but i guess that is what you get when your at very high altitude before the sun rise. It was really smelly as well!  

Then we took a bath in the hot-springs, warming ourselves up. To explain the contrast; our bathing clothes froze when we tried ty dry them afterwards, it was that cold! 

Red Lagoon

21 Apr

Next day we visited the pure deserts, and saw lots of flamingos at the Stone Tree and Red Lagoon.

We stayed at some very basic accommodation this night, and when there is -10 degrees outside you have to put all your clothes on to make sure you do not freeze your bits off.

We also met this chap. He did not like us very much…

Uyuni and The Salt Flats

20 Apr

We arrived in Uyuni very early in the morning after an awful bumpy overnight bus. However, we were  ready to explore the Salar de Uyuni (salt falts). We headed out in a jeep through beautiful sandy landscape, to find a white desert salt flat. I have never seen anything like it, white as snow but actually made by salt!

We stayed in an hotel made by salt itself. It was actually really warm inside compared to the freezing temperature outside.

La Paz

18 Apr

La Paz, probably the most known city in Bolivia. It is definitely the most random city I have ever been to. We had a bit of an scary experience when we arrived, which involved a “fake” policeman getting in to our taxi and demanding to see our belongings and id. However, we managed to get away from him safe and sound with all our precious belongings. We had read about things like this happening before we arrived in La Paz, so we were prepared in some ways of what to do. Apparently it is some kind of scheme they do over here (by taxi drivers and fake policemen) to try to scam you and get away with all our belongings.

However, enough about that, we went to a football match over here. Attending a local derby of the La Paz teams; Bolivar against The Strongest (I am not joking when I say that’s their name). There were about 40 000 people watching it, the atmosphere was great!



16 Apr

No it is not the Copacabana your probably thinking of, it is actually a small village in BOLIVIA! Copacabana lies on the other side of the huge Lake Titicaca and is still at high altitude (3800 meters). If you do not know what i mean about high altitude, then I will explain in the simplest words ever; being out of breath going up the slightest steep hill, feeling dizzy if doing anything to radical and have to keep an appetite to the minimum (eat small portions and low speed). However, there is a fix: Coca leaves (I personally drink coca-tea), it is a miracle worker.