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3 May

Mendoza, mostly known for their wine, was our next destination. Because of this, we decided its a nice place to do some wine tasting. We got to taste some very nice wine and see some great vineyards.

Water Rafting! We got into some very fitted wetsuits and got ready to face the freezing cold water, as it was melted ice from the mountain tops. I managed to stay on the boat the whole way down, personal achievement! The scenery was stunning.

The BA Experience

1 May

Buenos Aires had a lot to offer. We went to a market which was 1 mile long! Shopping, shopping, shopping…

On the more tourist agenda, we visited an old cemetery which is in the middle of the city called La Recoleta Cemetery, which contains the graves of some of the most important Argentines. I have never seen graves as these, they are all build on top of the ground. It also seemed like some kind of competition of who could have the biggest and most beautiful ones. I would not have liked to be here at night, that is for sure.  

We also went to a football game ( Football is really big in Argentina). We saw Racing Santa vs. River Plate. It was an amazing game. The River fans (away fans) made a lot of noise throughout the whole game, and went crazy when they scored!  

An Englishmen, Australian and a American walked into a bar…

…to celebrate Tim’s birthday, also with an Norwegian, New Zealander and Belgian ( we like to keep it international). This was a great night!

Finally, we also had the best steak ever, at La Cabrera (one of BA’s most famous restaurant).


30 Apr

Did I mention that I am now a professional tango dancer?

I am as good as these… 

I am only messing (of cause you believed me). Anyways, we went for some tango lessons! After the lessons we had brilliant steak with lots of wine and watched the professional tango dancers. It was a lots of fun.

Buenos Aires

29 Apr

Finally made it to BA. Both me and John got ready for great wine, massive steaks and brilliant bars, and BA definitely did not disappoint us. The first day started with a city tour. There is so much to see in this great capital.

Puerto Iguazu and The Falls

27 Apr

The Iguazu falls consists of 270 different waterfalls and is over 2 miles long. It is the 3rd largest in the world, but it has been argued that it should be considered the largest (compared to Victoria Falls; the widest, and Angel Falls; the tallest). This was our next destination. So after a 24 hours bus-ride we arrived at Puerto Iguazu, a little town outside the Iguazu falls.

The Iguazu falls were so beautiful. I have never seen such an big waterfall in my life (not even in Norway). It has been said that the waterfalls creates an positive atmosphere, and that moods improve as you get closer to the falls. I think this is true as I could not stop John and Tim giggling the whole day.

We also went on a speed boat around the falls. At one point we went right under one of the falls, it was so crazy. We could not see anything and got absolutely soaking wet, but it was so much fun!

I think most impressive point of the Iguazu falls  was the “Devil`s Throat” which is at the top; a 270 feet high waterfall…INDESCRIBABLE! That is all I can say to describe it!


23 Apr

New day new country, why not?  We have now been to 3 different countries in 3 days. We arrived in Salta in Argentina very late, around 11.30 pm. However, even thought we were missing sleep after a 12 hour bus ride, we gained 2 new travel buddies, Tim from Texas and Kris from Switzerland. Salta was a gorgeous city, so we decided that it was the best place to relax a little after such an intense schedule the last few weeks. There were also a lot for nice resturants and bars.