30 Nov

Barefoot Island! We arrived not knowing what to expect. We booked this accommodation through Captain Cook, who owns the island. However, instead booking it with the company, we booked directly with the Island. Therefore, when we arrived we found out that the last group of people who had been there with Captain Cook had left, which meant that we had the whole island to our selves! This meant 4 staff looking after us and 3 beaches that we had all to ourselves.

The facilities at the resort are really basic. You kind of feel like one with nature, which was really cool.

We used the kayak, snorkeled around the island and John tried fishing again with no luck.

We also tried coconut juice and took part in a cava ceremony (traditional Fiji drink) for the first time.

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  1. Marie December 12, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    Åh, Barefoot! <3 Den beste plassen! Va kun 2 andre der når me va der, for me o booka direkte, så båten me alle folkene va ikkje der når me va der. Eg lengta så tebars! D e ein fine hikingtur o på toppen av fjelle der 🙂 E d manta ray sesong? For då kan dokke gå å summa me di! D sko egentligt me, men d blei kje tid for me va der berre ei nått :/ Kos dokke!

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