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30 Nov

Barefoot Island! We arrived not knowing what to expect. We booked this accommodation through Captain Cook, who owns the island. However, instead booking it with the company, we booked directly with the Island. Therefore, when we arrived we found out that the last group of people who had been there with Captain Cook had left, which meant that we had the whole island to our selves! This meant 4 staff looking after us and 3 beaches that we had all to ourselves.

The facilities at the resort are really basic. You kind of feel like one with nature, which was really cool.

We used the kayak, snorkeled around the island and John tried fishing again with no luck.

We also tried coconut juice and took part in a cava ceremony (traditional Fiji drink) for the first time.


28 Nov

Our next stop was Nanuya Resort, which is one of the most luxurious of all the resorts that we are staying at. The room, restaurant and beach were all just amazing.

We spent our days just relaxing and snorkeling (I saw a ‘Nemo’ family). I also fed bread to the fish in the sea, they go crazy for bread.

We went hand-line fishing on our first day there, however we had no luck. John decided to go trolling the next day and caught two fish, a Spanish mackerel and a cod (with huge teeth). We had the mackerel for lunch, delicious.

The food was amazing, and I had lobster for the first time!

The Oarsmans resort

26 Nov

Firstly we arrived on mainland Fiji in Nadi. We arrived late so we just stayed the night and got up bright and early and caught the Yasawa Flyer (a big boat) to the Yasawa Islands for some island hopping. After 5 hours on the boat we arrived at the first Island that we  are staying at, which is one of the most northerly islands called Nacula. We stayed at the Oarsmans resort, in a small bure right on the beach.

Next day we went to a local church (being Sunday and all), and visited the local village.

Then we spent most of our time relaxing on the beach, eating great food, learning how to dance the BULA dance and snorkeling. I have never snorkeled before so this opened my eyes to a whole new world, just amazing.

It is rainy season over here so clouds come and go, but overall the weather is brilliant, sunny and hot most of the time.

Lake Tekapo and Christchurch

24 Nov

Sadly all good things have to come to an end, it was time to leave Queenstown. However, as we have a lot of plans for the next 4 months I leave with excitement rather than sorrow. We got a rental car and headed for Christchurch, but as it is a very long drive to Christchurch from Queenstown, we decided that we wanted to have a stopover at Lake Tekapo.

We stopped off at many beautiful stops on the way, no wonder that a lot of these settings have been used in movie.

Finally arriving at Lake Tekapo, and the colour of the lake was just amazing! The lake is so blue because of some erosion from the glacier which runs into the lake. That is a very bad description but the best way of describing it in basic terms. We also climbed Mount John (which John was pretty happy with) looking over the lake surrounded by mountains, beautiful scenery.

Nest day we left for Christchurch where we spent the next 2 days. There is not much to do here really. The inner city is completely ruined as a result of the earthquake that happened here earlier this year. It is so awful to see such an nice city get ruined by a natural disaster. Next stop is Fiji, so it you do not hear anything from me in the next 2 weeks it is probably because I am in paradise.

Goodbye Queenstown it has been a pleasure.

21 Nov

It is now time to leave this beautiful place. On our last day off we decided to start the day with a little kayaking trip in the lake around Frankton (just outside Queenstown). Just an amazing way to start the day, most beautiful surroundings.

John was brave enough to do the Nevis Bungy, jumping 134 meters head first with a free-fall of 8.5 seconds. Yes crazy I know, so I sat this one out.

Afterwards, we headed for the Skyline Gondola which takes you to the top of a mountain looking over Queenstown, the lake and the mountains.

At the top we hopped on a three-wheeled cart and rode the luge. It was so much fun. We had 6 goes on it an honestly could have done more as it was so much fun.

As you can see I am in the lead, beating John at the luge, haha.

End of Season, Queenstown

4 Nov

The ski season has now ended. John has done 232 runs downhill the ski slopes at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables. That adds up to 83070 vertical metres. Wow, In contrast I have only done 42 runs (10655 vertical metres),but that was plenty for me.

We also went to visit a new ice bar in Queenstown, called Below Zero Bar.

It was pretty cool as we got the whole bar to ourselves, and had some cold cocktails. The ice bar also had a fire inside it, but was obviously not warm. Furthermore, we have been chilling in the town,going to restaurants or just sitting on the beach by the harbour on warm days, such a beautiful place to live.

We also had a go at Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown Gardens. It is kind of like a golf course, but using Frisbees instead, and the targets are chain baskets. It looks easier than what it really is.