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Dunedin and Sandfly Bay

15 Oct

On the road again. Our last road trip with our beloved car ‘Lucida’ was to Dunedin. We packed the car up with camping gear and all needed equipment and headed for Otago Peninsula, which is only 20 minutes drive from Dunedin. FirstĀ  we went to Sandfly Bay as we wanted to see some Yellow-eyed penguins (one of the world rarest penguins). However, due to it being nesting season and the shy nature of these creatures, we did not manage to see any. Instead to our pleasant surprise we saw lots of sea lions!I have never been near so many sea lions ever before, they are amazing.

This crazy sea lion that you can see below just appeared out of nowhere.I think he was there to make a little trouble with the other sea lions that were just chilling on the beach.

Afterwards we headed for Dunedin, where we stayed over one night and did a little shopping. We also stopped by Baldwin Street which has been argued to be the world steepest residential street, it was pretty steep! On our way back home we saw some lovely scenery. We stopped off at Arrowtown, which must be the smallest and cutest town ever. It will be sad to say bye to our amazing camper-van, but it is about time to let ‘her’ go and start to make future exciting plans.