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Nasca Lines

27 Mar

I’m now in Nasca, which was a “desert-scorched dead town” until the mysterious Nasca Lines were discovered in the desert floor.


Now your thinking what is she on about, well ill explain to you…the Nasca Lines are these lines which were made thousands of years ago in the desert, there is more than 800 lines including some 70 animal drawings across 500 sq km plain desert. And the best part is that nobody knows who constructed these lines and drawings or even why, people can only come up with different theories.  So, lucky as I am (and John of cause) we got a mini plane over these. I was excited enough only getting into this plane (and nervous) but then to see this amazing historical whatever it is, it just made my day. Sorry for being all “historian” on you.





25 Mar

Got the bus from Lima to Ica, which was an very interesting bus ride. Including a mistaken sound of gunshot (only a lorries popped tyre) and then a few minutes later a dog (there are sooo many dogs over here its unreal) walked straight into the road, and the bus driver could not stop…you know the rest!It was awful! We arrived in Ica 3 hours later unharmed, and decided to jump into a taxi and go to Huacachina, which is nearby. Arrived when it was dark so just went to the first hostel we could find, which turned out to be great. Its not the most luxurious place (have to share cold showers and very hot rooms) but the people and the atmosphere was great. The people who worked there became our friends, and John found his new “best friend”,haha. We went out for drinks with them and danced salsa, fun times.

Next morning (22nd March) we went on a Buggy ride and Sandboarding! It was so much fun and I definitely think Ive found my new hobby! I did think the Buggy ride was a little scary, as they drive at full speed up and down the sand dunes. Ohh yer did i mention that the village (only 50 people lived here) we stayed in was completely surrounded by sand dunes.

Next day we were rudely awaken by an earthquake, it was pretty scary since we were in the middle of the desert. However, it was only on the scale 4,7 and only lasted a few seconds. We had to get up early anyways as we were leaving for Paracas. We were supposed to visit the Islas Ballestas, but because of rough sea we ended up going to the National reserve in Paracas instead, it was beautiful!


22 Mar

Arriving in Lima not knowing what to expect. It is a very interesting and busy city, however just a few minutes from the central city is Miraflores, which is much quieter (where we stayed). The thing I found most interesting was the big contrast from inner city, the pyramids (Huaca Pucallana), and the ¨shanty¨towns just outside.  ???It really puts everything into perspective. I had a lovely fish for dinner in Lima, whereas John ate a cows heart, urgh!!

Ready to conquer THE WORLD!

19 Mar

After 24 hours of travelling including two flights, 15 hours in the air, and 3 ´amazing´ flight meal (mmmm) me and John have arrived in Lima, Peru. I have to say that this is a very loud country and I have never seen cars drive the way they do here before, but the atmosphere is great!


Getting Ready…

15 Mar

Now then, finally managed to set up a blog so that I can write a bit about the random travels ahead. Hopefully, this means that I can share some of my experiences with the loved ones and also let you know that we still are alive (that is if John does not feed me to the alligators). Anyways, I am really excited for this new adventure that lies ahead, and lets hope it involves more adventure than the usual camping trip.